Ep01 – Applying Data Science to Any Field with Mary Gibbs

Podcast: The Weekly Regression
Episode: Ep01 – Applying Data Science to Any Field with Mary Gibbs
Pub date: 2021-02-10

In this episode, we are joined by Mary Gibbs, a Data Scientist at Mosaic Data Science.

  Although Mary’s data journey is in biological sciences, she is able to build, train, and deploy any Data Science solution or Machine Learning application no matter the domain. From the initial meeting with the client all the way to the final product, Mary breaks down her process of developing an appropriate solution given a client’s domain and technical constraints. Finally, she gives her advice to anyone interested in or just starting their own data journey, where she emphasizes the importance of data science projects on the side to gain experience rather than relying on online courses, boot camps, and degrees.

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