Courage: Stories about standing up for yourself

Podcast: The Story Collider
Episode: Courage: Stories about standing up for yourself
Episode pub date: 2019-01-25

This week, we’re presenting stories about the courage to be the person you were meant to be.

Part 1: The lessons that Margaret Rubega learns from her dad about fighting back are put to the test when he becomes the one she must stand up to.

Part 2: In following her dream of studying chemistry, Charlotte Istance-Tamblin sees how to break the toxic patterns in her relationships.

Margaret Rubega is a professor in the Department of  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut. She  has spent her career studying a diverse array of birds, with a  consistent interest in answering the questions: How Does That Work? and  How Does it Matter? She started her career getting crapped on in a tern  colony, then studied a bird that’s famous for going in circles. Those  formative experiences probably explain a lot about her subsequent  career. She’s always been especially interested in feeding in birds —  the way they’re built, the mechanics, the food — because a bird that  isn’t fed is a bird that’s dead. As the Connecticut State Ornithologist,  she’s had to counsel a lot of homeowners about whether woodpeckers are  eating their houses (they aren’t), and talk to a lot of journalists.  Hoping to get better at it, via the log-in-your-own-eye method, she has  taught science communication and writing classes along with biology  classes for the last 10 years. She  currently leads an National Science  Foundation-funded research group studying methods of training graduate  science students to talk and write for non-scientists. You can find her  on Twitter @profrubega chatting about birds with students and others in  her #birdclass. 

Charlotte Istance-Tamblin, Charley to her friends, is a  2nd year undergrad student at The University of Manchester working  towards an MChem. She hopes to develop a deeper understanding of  radiochemistry before moving into teaching at the academic level.  Outside of university she enjoys roller derby and travelling with her  wife where ever they are able to.  

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