Episode 70: How to Write our Future

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Podcast: Science: Disrupt
Episode: Episode 70: How to Write our Future
Episode pub date: 2019-05-25

In this episode we chat to science fiction author, Anne Charnock. For Anne’s latest novel “Dreams Before the Start of Time” received the Arthur C Clarke award in 2018, and explores the future of fertility, and pre-natal genetic screening. Anne was also a Phillip K Dick Award nominee for here 2013 novel “A Calculated Life”.

It’s becoming more and more clear that sci-fi and futurism can have great influence in our culture. In our chat with Anne we dive into the role of sci-fi as a launchpad for scientific exploration, the ethical obligations of the writer, the power of daydreaming, and how writers balance literary freedom with the maintenance of good grounded science. 

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