Episode 21 – Katia Damer

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Podcast: ReproducibiliTea Podcast
Episode: Episode 21 – Katia Damer
Episode pub date: 2019-07-17

Episode 21 – Katia Damer

This episode we talked to the co-founder and CEO of Prolific Academic (, Katia Damer. Prolific Academic is a platform connecting researchers with a pool of research participants for online data collection. We discuss Katia’s experience of founding Prolific as a start-up during her PhD and how prolific brings researchers and participants together.

Find Katia on twitter @ekadamer, and shutout to Prolific co-founder @Phelimb

Some highlights:
– Katia’s journey to Prolific
– How we can use Prolific and whether it is the right tool for our research
– How participants can join
– Sam has used Prolific, it was da bomb
– Critical voices about online research
– Katia’s start up experience, and bringing that experience back the the PhD
– Dealing with failures and mistakes; how Prolific owns their mistakes.
– Katia’s advice for ECRs

Music credit: Be Jammin – Alexander Nakarada

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