Marriage: Stories about making it work

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Podcast: The Story Collider
Episode: Marriage: Stories about making it work
Pub date: 2019-07-05

Part 1:  After turning down a tenure position, Sarah Brady struggles to adapt to her new life as the spouse of a physician.

Part 2:  As he grows up, Ed Greco’s two great loves — his high school sweetheart, and physics — come into conflict.

Sarah Brady is a storyteller, teaching artist, and writer who relocated to England from the United States a year and a half ago due to her paediatrician husband’s job. To say that science has had an impact on her family would be an understatement.

For the last ten years, Ed Greco has taught physics at Georgia Tech where he has been active in the development of new curriculum for undergraduate students. A native Floridian, he moved to Atlanta in 2000 with his high school sweetheart to attend graduate school. When not in the classroom, he coordinates the outreach activities for the school of physics and serves as radio show co-host “Fat Daddy Sorghum” on WREK’s Inside the Black Box where he enjoys sharing his passion for science with the Atlanta community. Photography, Conchology, foraging for wild edibles, and exploring Appalachia on a motorcycle are just a few of his varied pastimes. Mostly, however, he enjoys spending quality times with his loving family.

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