Crushes: Stories about scientists in love

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Podcast: The Story Collider
Episode: Crushes: Stories about scientists in love
Pub date: 2019-11-01

This week we present two stories from scientists searching for that special someone.

Part 1: Zoology student Devon Kodzis’s strategy of attracting boys with fun animal facts proves difficult.

Part 2: Away from her boyfriend for grad school, Meisa Salaita starts to fall for a chemistry classmate who’s her complete opposite.

Devon Kodzis has a degree in biological sciences and professional experience in teaching, animal training, and education outreach, and science program design. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Biological Sciences. Her passions include reading about food, and shouting at the Antiques Roadshow with her cat.

Meisa Salaita is enamored with the beauty of science. Through her work founding and directing the Atlanta Science Festival and as a producer for the Story Collider, she spends her days trying to convince everyone else to fall in love with science as well. To that end, Meisa also writes, has produced radio stories, and hosted tv shows – all in the name of science. Meisa has a Ph.D. in chemistry, has birthed two humans, and has a bizarre level of enthusiasm for shoehorns. If she had the stamina and talent, she’d be dancing hip-hop 24/7.

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