Episode 32 – Crisis Research With Anne Scheel

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Podcast: ReproducibiliTea Podcast
Episode: Episode 32 – Crisis Research With Anne Scheel
Pub date: 2020-04-07

Episode 32 – Research under Crisis with Anne Scheel

We have a very special guest in this lockdown episode of ReproducibiliTea: Anne Scheel (@annemscheel). We reflect on research during the COVID-19 pandemic and the wide range of responses from the research community.

We talked to Anne about her recent blogpost “Crisis research, fast and slow” ( – her first in two years! A lot of research is being rushed to testing and to (pre)print; Anne worries that some of this goes against our collective efforts to promote ‘slow’ science.

Anne masterfully flips the interview on Amy and Sam to give a teaser about their upcoming studies, and how they are trying to avoid the potential pitfalls of fast research during crisis mode.

Listen through the end for some stellar ECR advice from our latest Awesome ECR

Useful links:

Anne’s Blogpost: Crisis research, fast and slow

The 100% CI blog

Emergency Kittens @EmrgencyKittens

Anne’s zotero library of COVID-19-related psychology preprints

Anne was also a guest on one of our very favourite episodes of the Everything Hertz podcast

Music credit: Kevin MacLeod – Funkeriffic

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