Episode 6 – Open Science

Podcast: ReproducibiliTea Podcast
Episode: Episode 6 – Open Science
Episode pub date: 2018-08-21

This week we talked about “Open Science: What, Why, and How” from Spellman, Gilbert, and Corker. You can find the paper on OSF

0:14 Sophia is leaving Oxford 🙁 (But the Podcast will continue)
0:48 This week’s focus: Open Science What Why and How; few in the JC read it but the discussion was awesome
2:15 Shoutout to Matt Jaquiery @MJaquiery
2:40 Broad Meaning of Open Science — what do we mean; potentially misleading to include things beyond Open?
5:10 The Centre for Science that’s Actually Science
6:05 Focussing on Open Data as “open signalling”
7:30 What even is Open Data? Criteria for Open Data; How it can go wrong
10:25 Open vs Usable Data
11:10 FAIR Guidelines — Findable Accessible Open Source Interoperable Reusable
12:20 (Advantages of) Open Code
15:30 Why is Open Science just Science Done Right?
16:00 Answer Sam: Open Code — Show Your Working
17:00 Answer Amy: Work cumulatively in order to avoid waste of taxpayers’ money
18:20 Answer Sophia: being open about subjectivities; slightly tautological argument of Open Science just is Science
21:10 Better system for citing code!
23:20 Not sharing data? Is it selfish?
27:30 BREAK
29:00 Shoutout to Remi Gau; Amy will be singing for you
29:40 Amy and Sophia compete for supremacy in the Table 2 challenge – what are the problems and solutions at each stage of the research process?
31:10 Challenging Two Psychologists Four Beers to the Crossover Event 5 Psychologists 50 Shots
32:00 Competition Begins: 1. Research Planning
35:00 Competition part 2. Data Collection and Methods Reporting
36:30 Sam has a picture of James Heathers next to his bed (aka. Amy and Sophia try to make Sam look like a creep)
37:45 Competition part 3. Data Analysis and Reporting
39:25 Competition part 4. Publication Process
41:30 Open Peer Review — Do you have any good or bad experiences of this?
42:40 Competition part 5. Storing and Archiving
44:10 Why do we give publishers the chance to adapt to openness, when we should just get rid of them?
49:55 Amy wins 14-10, but is also the kindest
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