Episode 23 -Nick Fox

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Podcast: ReproducibiliTea Podcast
Episode: Episode 23 -Nick Fox
Pub date: 2019-08-20

Episode 23 – Nick Fox

Sophia and Amy have a great chat with Nick Fox (@NickFoxstats). Nick is a Research Scientist in the Center for Open Science.

Nick tells us his winding story from being a psych-hating undergrad, through biochem and behavioural neuroscience, to social psychology and meta-science (the full story is on his blog

Nick’s thesis on “Scientist as Subject: How researcher behaviors influence psychological knowledge” as awesome, and you can read it here

Nick gives an overview of SCORE – “Systematizing Confidence in Open Research and Evidence”. The project is huge! Reach out to Nick if you want to get involved! you can read more about it here

Music credit: Be Jammin – Alexander Nakarada

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