119: Rules of thumb

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Podcast: Everything Hertz
Episode: 119: Rules of thumb
Pub date: 2020-11-02

Dan and James discuss how rules of thumbs in science, such as those often applied to sample sizes and effect sizes, lead to mindless research evaluation.

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  • Is there any justifcation for holding back the public posting of data becuase you’re not done with your analyses
  • We have a new episode partner, Scite!
  • Scite helps researchers quickly see how a research paper has been cited and if it has been supported or disputed by subsequent research
  • Get a 30% discount on a 12-month Premium Scite subscription. Use the coupon code: HERTZ (offer expires January 1, 2021)
  • Lake Wobegon, were all the children are above average
  • The tweet from Marco Altini about his desk-rejected manuscript
  • Sample size rules-of-thumb
  • Effect size rules-of-thumb
  • Dan’s effect size distribution paper (Here’s the preprint if you don’t have access to the paywalled version)
  • We have a live episode scheduled for the 18 November (4pm CET) as part of the Munin Conference on Scholarly Publising

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Episode citation

Quintana, D.S., Heathers, J.A.J. (Hosts). (2020, November 2) “119: Rules of thumb”, Everything Hertz [Audio podcast], DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/UMXR7

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