165: Setting Up Mastery-Based Grading in Your Classroom

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Episode: 165: Setting Up Mastery-Based Grading in Your Classroom
Pub date: 2021-03-07

It’s a terrible feeling when you know some of your students didn’t really learn the content, but you move them on anyway. Mastery-based grading solves that problem by requiring students to actually master key concepts before progressing to the next stage. In this episode, Kareem Farah of the Modern Classrooms Project shows us how it’s done. 

This is the third and final episode of a three-part series that has taught us how to run a blended, self-paced, mastery-based model that works beautifully for remote, hybrid, or in-person learning. The first two episodes are 144, Making Great Screencast Videos, and 158, How to Create a Self-Paced Classroom. 

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