Kylie Ball on supporting early career researchers, virtual mentorship and wellbeing

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Podcast: Changing Academic Life
Episode: Kylie Ball on supporting early career researchers, virtual mentorship and wellbeing
Episode pub date: 2018-04-18

Kylie Ball is a Professor in the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition, Faculty of Health at Deakin University in Australia. She is also Head of early- and mid-career researcher (EMCR) development and publishes a very impactful blog targeted to EMCRs called The Happy Academic. We have a wide-ranging discussion about the EMCR support initiatives she has put in place, including workshops, mentoring programs and virtual resources, as well as the blog which she talks about as a form of virtual mentorship that can have a wider reach. We explore her own strategies for physical and mental wellbeing and how to form good habits. Themes throughout are around how much there is that we can actually take control of and make choices about, and we get a good sense of how to create a kinder and more supportive culture within our faculties.

“Leadership can happen at every level. …Every researcher is leading something.”

“We forget that we’re in a career where there is so much choice and flexibility. Seeing busyness as within our choice and there are things we can do about that really helps to give that sense of control.”

“I’m a big advocate that we can all find opportunities to be kind and it’s never a wasted act.”

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