Transformative and disruptive impact. Part 1 – for your research

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Podcast: Fast Track Impact
Episode: Transformative and disruptive impact. Part 1 – for your research
Pub date: 2019-06-22

This week, Mark asks questions that can enable you to achieve impacts from your research that disrupt old ways of doing things and lead to fundamental transformations in organizations and society. Based on different ways of conceptualizing​ resilience, this episode will make you rethink your ambitions for impact to dream bigger and achieve transformational change.

The questions:

1. How can my research strengthen people and organizations​ so that they are able to withstand or resist change, and continue to provide or get the outcomes or benefits they need?
2. Can my research enable a person or organization​ to change what it does and how it does things so that they can protect their core mission and still achieve the things that are most important to them?
3. How can my research enable people to look completely differently at old problems, or disrupt old ways of doing things, so that people and organizations​​s can do completely new things in new ways that are actually valued more than the old ways of doing things and the things they produced?
4. Can my research help a person or organization become more robust so they can resist change and maintain what’s most important to them in a changing world?

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