111: The cumulative advantage of academic capital (with Chris Jackson)

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Podcast: Everything Hertz
Episode: 111: The cumulative advantage of academic capital (with Chris Jackson)
Pub date: 2020-07-06

We chat with Chris Jackson (Imperial College, London) about the “Matthew Effect” in academia, how we can improve work/balance, and whether we should stop citing shitty people.

Here’s more stuff we cover:

  • Chris climbed the world’s most dangerous volcano for a BBC show
  • Chris’ email signature
  • Having a code of conduct for your lab
  • Work/life balance in academia
  • Are things worse in academia compared to other desk jobs?
  • How Chris co-founded “EarthArxiv”, a preprint server for the earth sciences
  • The point/counterpoint article format (here is an example)
  • Open science in the geosciences
  • Requesting data from authors
  • Follow Chris on Twitter
  • Issues with bibliometrics
  • Should we stop citing shitty people?
  • The long wait to get your work expenses reiumbursed

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Special Guest: Chris Jackson.

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