79. Jill DeTemple, A Structure for Difficult Classroom DIalogue

Podcast: Half Hour of Heterodoxy (LS 46 · TOP 1% what is this?)
Episode: 79. Jill DeTemple, A Structure for Difficult Classroom DIalogue
Pub date: 2020-02-04

Jill DeTemple is my guest today. She’s an associate professor of religious studies at Southern Methodist University.

She uses a technique called reflective structured dialogue to enable students to express their perspectives on contentious moral and religious issues. This technique was created by the non-profit organization Essential Partners in the 1980s after a series of abortion clinic shootings in Boston. It comes out of family therapy and we talk about the technique in the interview.

Her work in this area has won her the American Academy of Religion 2018 Excellence in Teaching Award.

Among the courses she teaches at SMU are “Social Scientific Approaches to the study of religion” “Problems in the philosophy of religion, and ‘Religious literacy.” She also teaches a course on LatinX identities called “Identity and the Sacred in the Southwest” at the Taos, New Mexico campus of SMU.

Jill and her colleagues are working on a book called The Listening Revolution: Teaching for Engagement and Curiosity. To learn more about her work, you can email her at [email protected].

Also, Heterodox Academy members can use the coupon code PROMO10 on the payment page to receive 10% off registration for any Essential Partners workshop. A complete list of upcoming workshops can be found here.

Here is a transcript of this episode.

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