Learn to code to boost your research career

Podcast: Working Scientist (LS 29 · TOP 10% what is this?)
Episode: Learn to code to boost your research career
Pub date: 2019-04-11

Learning how to coding brings career benefits and helps science by aiding reproducibility, Julie Gould discovers.

Jessica Hedge tells Julie Gould about how she learned to code as a PhD student, and the freedom and flexibility it provides to manage large datasets.

“I never saw myself as a coder and it took me a long time to realise I had to pick up the skills myself,” she tells Julie Gould in the second episode of this six-part series about technology and scientific careers. “A colleague was using Python and R and I saw the potential.” What is her advice to other early career researchers who are keen to develop coding expertise?

Also, Brian MacNamee, an assistant professor in the school of computer science at University College Dublin, talks about the college’s data science course and how it can benefit both humanities and science students.

Finally, Nature technology editor Jeffrey Perkel describes how coding can help with computational reproducibility.


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