Science diversified: Tackling ​​​​​​​an ‘ableist’ culture in research

Podcast: Working Scientist (LS 30 · TOP 5% what is this?)
Episode: Science diversified: Tackling ​​​​​​​an ‘ableist’ culture in research
Pub date: 2021-03-24

Two researchers with disabilities describe an ‘ableist’ culture in academia, a system designed for fully fit and healthy people that does little to account for those who fall outside those parameters.  This culture can sideline scientists with disabilities, chronic illnesses, neurological or mental health problems. As a result many choose not to disclose their conditions for fear of being stigmatised. 

This episode is part of Science diversified, a seven-part podcast series exploring how having a more diverse range of researchers ultimately benefits not only the scientific enterprise, but also the wider world.


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